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Yellowstone E-Waste is trusted in Montana for computer and electronic recycling! We are a responsible and eco-friendly IT disposal center.

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E-Waste Recycling

Why Us

Why choose
Yellowstone E-Waste?

We have handled e-waste since Earth Day 2006. As an eco-friendly IT disposal center, we offer premium services for recycling IT equipment, computers, laptops, phones, printers, stereos, networking gear, flatscreen monitors, etc. Yellowstone E-Waste is experienced and hold all necessary permits and licenses. Our business is fully compliant with current laws and regulations and only use down line processors with R-2 or E-Steward certifications.

Pick-up services are available to businesses, schools, hospitals, and government agencies. Servicing Montana and northern Wyoming, we travel all over to provide customers with our service. We offer two convenient drop-off locations in Billings (our warehouse at: 419 N. 15th St. downtown and at the Billings Regional Landfill). Recycling is free for Yellowstone county residents. Other fees and our pricing structure can be found on our Recycling Fees page.

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We Are A

Full Service Electronic Waste Recycling Company

We care about the environment, so we created the perfect e-waste recycling solution to safely discard and destroy your I.T. equipment, devices, laptops, computers, hard drives, phones, and more.

What We Do

What We Do

Our collection facility is for electronics to be recycled or re-used. E-Waste includes: computers, iPhones, iPads, monitors, printers, laptops, servers, TV’s, stereos, gaming consoles, etc. We provide environmentally friendly electronic disposal service.

Data Deconstruction

Data Destruction

We can give you peace-of-mind knowing your hard-drive or SD is destroyed so your sensitive information cannot be accessed or stolen. Our comprehensive data destruction service can’t be beat.



With technology growing rapidly, electronics become obsolete faster and faster. There are many hazardous materials in electronics such as: lead, mercury and cadmium. These items should not be thrown away!


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About Us

Our Passion for Eco
E-Waste Solutions

Our passion is keeping hazardous electronics and precious metals out of Montana’s landfills. We collect electronic waste from all across Montana for demanufacturing, recycling, and recovery. The Montana Department of Environmental Quality licensed us as an authorized handler of electronic waste.

Yellowstone E-Waste was opened by Brandon Fox on Earth Day of 2006. Anyone who knows Brandon knows he is one of the most trustworthy, kind, and honest people you’ll ever know. His passion for recycling is genuine and his great customer service skills ensure everyone is taken care of quickly and professionally. Brandon’s work ethic spills into every aspect of Yellowstone E-Waste. We are here to serve your needs and to improve the environment!

We are members of the Billings Chamber of Commerce &
Recycle Montana.

Choose E-Waste recycling for safe & sustainable disposal.

We also have a specialized hard drive shredder that shreds hard drives and other media for those that need secure data destruction.

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