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Our service provides hard-drive and data destruction. We have a specialized in-house hard-drive shredder. This machine allows us to effectively destroy anything that may hold sensitive information. There is a small fee to shred your hard-drive. Call us for prices 406.861.4920. We can shred hard drives, DVDs, pen drives, disks, or any other type of storage device.

Data security is a concern for everyone. With more and more cases of identity theft popping up, it is crucial for everyone to know their data is safe. We will either wipe your hard-drive so it can be re-used or shred it in our machine.

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If you want to witness your hard drive destruction, call
406-861-4920 to make an appointment. Otherwise our associates will place your hard drive in our secure drop box for batch destruction. All data destruction is guaranteed and we take pride in our security.

For a custom quote on data destruction, please call us at:

If your hard drive has reuse value, we may ask if you would like us to wipe the hard-drive clean so that it can be refurbished and put into another computer. This option is free of charge.

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We also have a specialized hard drive shredder that shreds hard drives and other media for those that need secure data destruction.

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